UNHCR Solutions asked me to create a range of multimedia projects to promote internal learning within the organization. Certain UNHCR offices were implementing new and dynamic pilot projects, but the lessons learnt and new ways of working that were being developed were lost in a huge organization with 126 different offices. 

The films, photo projects, and written stories were about alternative methods to refugee camps that could be used to take care of displaced people. One of the main messages in this body of work was that refugees were independent, willing to work, and did not need to rely on UNHCR for all of their needs. Throughout the course of a year, I visited eight different countries ranging from Benin to Colombia, and did around 120 interviews with refugees, UNHCR, and NGO staff. The films were placed on UNHCR internal learning web platform and also shown to donors, and screened at high profile fundraising events. 



The project included multimedia, including two long reports about solutions for refugees in Niger, and in Benin. I spent two weeks in each country researching reports and conducting interviews, and then wrote two in-depth reports of around 25,000 words. I worked with designers to integrate my photos in the work.